Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The "Up" House!

This has made me elated today!

This little blog of mine is entitled The Happy Homemaker, and this house from National Geographic put the happy in home for me today. Look!

The house from Up!

I love that this is an experiment. How lovely.

(Note the sign.)

And while someone in the NG comments pointed out the problems with using up precious helium and being wasteful, I am, for once, just going to enjoy the novelty and creative expression with self-imposed ignorant bliss. Decadent of me, yes, but joy is certainly a worthy purpose for artistic endeavors. I think that this instance is a wonderful example of the crossroads where creative expression and science meet.

PS: I originally saw this National Geographic project on the fantastic Design Milk site. Design Milk is a frequent happiness infuser in my life; I highly recommend following their posts.


  1. I love the movie UP! My husband and I cried when we saw it in the theaters. I still tear up a little.

  2. LOVE this!!! What a great movie!

    Have you seen the "Premake" of Up?

  3. 365 Days of Sewing: UP! is definitely a tearjerker!

    Bethany, that premake is wonderful!