Friday, March 25, 2011

For You Friday: Tomte Hus (Gnome House) Template

For you to use ... a house box template that I made and used for today’s post. For best results, print on card stock and fold with folding instructions facing in, or cut it out and use it as a template or stencil to mark the paper you will be using. 

The template is set up to be made with a single sheet of letter-sized paper, but there are are alternate cutting marks if you would like to make the house with a different colored roof, as I did for the Tomte Hüs.

For the door, I simply pasted on another color square of paper to the house body before cutting. The fold of the paper makes its own hinge. If you are filling the house with treats as a favor, I would recommend using a clear, perforated seal to seal the door. A small, round sticker in a contrasting color would also look cute.

This house would be a super cute party favor — imagine them at a wedding made with Florentine or Chiyogami paper. A village of these would make an adorable count-down calendar for your favorite holiday.

They are simple to make, so grab some willing friends, form an assembly line, and make an entire diminutive neighborhood. It takes a village to raise a village, folks.

Enjoy, and if you create something with the template, please send a photo for me to post!


  1. Great idea. Tall ceilings are necessary in order to wear gnome hats indoors.

  2. Atomic Rose understands gnome building code requirements. :)