Friday, March 25, 2011

House No. 84: Tomte Hüs

House No. 84: Tomte Hüs*
card stock and glue
10 in. x 10 in.
084/365; 03/25/11

I continue to be inspired by Scandinavian design this week. Behold, a little box! Another container for holding goodies!  The door opens for filling and emptying. Or for entry for a wee gnome (in Swedish, tomte).

I think that this house would be a sweet party favor. A village of these would make an adorable count-down calendar for your favorite holiday. Please send me photos if you try out the template!

I plan on revisiting this house in fabric as well. How cute would this be with a button closure on the door? When I do, I'll post a pattern for you.

*Yes, the umlaut is superfluous. I can't help myself. Maybe it's exposure to eighties hair bands. I also have the urge to give this house a first name.


  1. ...and he spoke to the häuser in tomte language a silent little language that only häuser can understand.

    “Days come and days go
    illustration come and sculpture goes
    soon you will all get a chance to be featured here”