Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well, hello there.

Hello to friends old and new and thanks to Noah Scalin and Angie Neimand for mentioning me here and here.

Who makes tons of houses, is backlogged in photographing those houses, and is way behind in updating her 365 blog?

This girl.

That photo of yours truly is by the lovely and talented Heather Addley of 365 Days of Heather.

So, let's catch up, shall we?

I have been making tons of stuff. In fact, it's cramping my studio. So many freaking houses, and they seem to be growing! But I have not had a chance to photograph them or blog, or I get hung up on the details.

I actually have blog posts that are created but have yet to post because I have not taken the measurements of the houses to post in my little format. Silly, right? I know. But what's a girl to do?

Well, this girl has been plowing ahead focused on the project with the hopes to catch up on the blogging soon. And I have started working with a printer to produce the Alphabet Houses that I created for this project.

And, you know, I've been working my day job and proofreading fifty-page term papers for my cute hub, the WerePanda, and writing the syllabus and lesson plans for a course I teach to college BFA seniors, and I am going back to school to get my MFA in Graphic Design. And I am also working on some non-house related art too, which I will tell you about here soon, I promise. (Oh, and we have pictures of the WerePanda's finished house tattoo done by the fabulous Amy Black that I have to post!)

And guess what ... I am going on staycation tomorrow! And in addition to starting the course that I teach here and getting ready to start grad school here, I am going to be catching up on The Happy Homemaker. So, more to come soon. I promise.

Thanks for stopping by!