Thursday, March 31, 2011

House No. 90: Dog House

House No. 90: Dog House
sketchbook, ink, and puppet
roughly 18 in. x 12 in.
090/365; 03/31/11

I loved doing this collaboration with Heidi of Puppet-A-Day. 

Heidi, as you can see from her blog and website, is wildly talented and innovative. As a puppeteer, she is also a different breed of creative person. 

As Heidi was describing some puppets to Noah and me (over dinner with the Richmond, Virginia 365 crew) this evening, and she just moved her hands with such dexterity and animation. It was amazing. Her hand, by itself, was the start of a puppet.

That lead to this little dog.

This puppet even has an articulated tongue that is glued to Heidi's fingernail, so he can pant. How cool is this? His tail is glued to the back of her hand.

Update: to see the puppet in action, check out Heidi's video.

I drew the doghouse in my sketchbook to make a set for the little guy. Below, you can see how it is set up.

So, even though I had neglected my attempts to spend the month of March collaborating with other 365ers, I did finish the month with a collaboration. And I've decided that I'm stretching my collaboration month into April.


  1. I've decided that since VCU is in the final four, March Madness technically extends through at least Saturday and potentially you still have time for more collaborations!

    You're making me wish I'd gotten a little time at the other end of the table tonight. I love Heidi's work and would love to hear more about it. And you guys had GLUE down there?

  2. I always travel with gluesticks for collage on-the-go. :) Isn't Heidi just amazing?! Jess, we have to collaborate soon!

  3. I had so much fun creating this with you. I'm so glad you had your magically expanding bag of art supplies, too! (Yes, even glue!)

    I love collage, too -- I have done a lot with handmade papers. Art stores with good selections can be dangerous places for me!

  4. I love the idea of traveling with art supplies.

  5. This is so fun!! I can't wait to show it to my daughter who loves dogs. Her hand will never be human again! :)