Thursday, April 7, 2011

More invisible houses!

I hope you enjoyed The Emperor's New Palace that I posted as an April Fools house on April 1. You may have noticed a few more, er, invisible houses in the past few days.

The lack of posts does not accurately reflect the production of daily projects. I am still making houses, never fear!

The only opportunity that I have had to photograph them, however, has been when I have not had optimal, natural lighting conditions.

And I really love these houses. (Some are my favorites so far.) And I really cannot bear to post photos of them that are artificially lit.

Since this blog is more of a record of my project rather than the project itself, I am letting the posting slide a little this week. In the interest of art. Cause there is one post on here that still haunts me because of the artificial light. And that one, I've decided, is getting re-shot this week too.

And thanks for your concern about me, those who have worried that I haven't posted anything for several days ... it's nice to be missed.


  1. I look forward to seeing your latest creations --thanks for the update!

  2. It's interesting how the blog really makes it into *two* projects, each with different lessons to impart. Totally get waiting on natural light. Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to!

  3. I'm highly anticipating your return!

  4. Almost up to date! Thanks to the pep squad.

  5. And Johannah, you are so, so right. I feel like I have the house making project, the photo documenting project, and then the blogging project all wrapped into one. Sometimes, their timing is not well synced.

  6. Ah ha! You have one more project than I, given that the photodocumenting *is* my project. Although, as you can see, I use the project to document other projects, so perhaps I have more projects that I realized.