Thursday, April 28, 2011

House No. 118: Dutch Row Houses

House No. 118: Dutch Row Houses
encaustic on paper
18 in. x 12 in.
118/365; 04/28/11

This semester I made my 2D design students try their hand at (cheap and easy) encaustics using crayons and irons and candles and blow driers and cookie sheets pulled from the oven. I got some great work from them, and I really dug how much it freed up their style. I thought that I should revisit encaustics myself, cheap and easy style.

It did free up my hand, and the colors are so lovely and bright, which is why I went with the Amsterdam row houses again. I love their fun colors and shapes.

I used a cookie sheet covered with foil and heated in a moderate oven and a tub of Crayola crayons. As I stress to my students, crayons are one thing you cannot cheap-out on. The pigment and texture of generic crayons just suck.

Try this at home: put your paper on a hot cookie sheet and draw with unwrapped crayons. I use a few pencil lines to guide my pigments.

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