Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Meet the Neighbors, Amy O. Rizzo of Creative Space

In addition to the world that I live in, I mentally occupy a fantasy world where I garden and grow much of our own food, bake, can vegetables and sauce, pickle, make my own cheese, sew all my clothing, have chickens and a miniature donkey, and live at least partially off the grid (with internet, of course, and plumbing).  Oh, if only.

Now, believe it or not, I have a friend who is well on her way to this fantabulous existence. And she documents a great deal of it on her blog, Creative Space. Meet Amy:

Amy up until quite recently was an actual, real-life neighbor. (Meaning not just on the innerwebs.) I used to be able to just stroll across our park, oftentimes in pajama pants and slippers, to have tea and play with Little Bear who is now two.

So, now that Amy is further away, I really appreciate having her blog to keep me up to date on all the amazing creative things she does every day. 

Amy's blog features everything from baking to sewing to childrearing to her fiction and being an author. She's a talented lady. And she shares.

Why, right here is a cookie recipe that I now have waiting on my kitchen counter.


  1. Oh how I miss you, friend-neighbor! When we're both off-grid, will we be able to send miniature donkeys and llamas back and forth with messages stuffed in their tiny saddle bags? Thanks for this lovely post!

  2. The link isn't working to Amy's site, but I want to check it out!

  3. so sorry you don't have your neighbor anymore! Amy is great. I regularly laugh out loud (and not the corny LOL way) when I read her blog.