Tuesday, April 5, 2011

House No. 95: The Witch's House from Hansel and Gretel, No. 2

House No. 95: The Witch's House from Hansel and Gretel, No. 2
mixed media
 8 in. x 7.5 in. x 4 in.
095/365; 04/05/11

Yesterday's house would entice an adult with a sweet tooth, but would a kid care for Michel Cluizel chocolate, Leone Pastilles, and Choward's Violet Candies? That house would not even grab the attention of my husband. And so I rethought the candy house.

A witch with a penchant for kinder roast would have to do better marketing. Animal crackers and sugary sweets would do the trick.

Sugar buttons, by the way, are cute but have no discernable flavor and remind me of candy scabs. Just make them a deep red color, and the picking action would be perfect. Make them blood orange flavor. Halloween gory candy producers, you're welcome.

The rubber bonbon on the house gable was found in the street and found a place on my bulletin board collage at work for a while. I later discovered that they are ornaments for Crocs. Huh.

The pastry shop twine looks a bit like peppermint sticks as well, so here serves a double purpose of referencing pastry and candy. The witch could also use the twine for hog-tying children. Did I take that a bit too far? Prolly so. It's the Brother's Grimm, people. It's grim.


  1. Yes yes yes! So adorable. The dot candy eaves and the chocolate wrapper shutters are such great touches.

    What do you end up doing with your houses after you finish them?

  2. Thanks! I really enjoy making these Hansel and Gretel houses. I could do just these for a year. (No, no ideas, me.)

    That is a great question, Jess, and one that I am having trouble answering. The werepanda installed some new shelves in my studio for me, but they are nearly full already. The 2D stuff is in a flat file.

    I am also having trouble storing the things that I am picking up because "this will make a fabulous house!" Some of those things are gigantic.

    Fortunately, we have a big house. Unfortunately, the clutter makes me crazy in the head!