Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Meet the Neighbors, Starter House

Welcome to a new Happy Homemaker addition called Meet the Neighbors that I hope to have every Monday. It's a chance to introduce and showcase other 365ers and artists by whom I am inspired and with whom I am collaborating.

For my first Meet the Neighbors, I am exhibiting the fantastic stylings of my day 12 Starter House by these creative people.

To start, here is what I made:

And here is what Heather Addley of 365 Days of Me created with it:

And here is 365 ~ Trees Please Misha's take on the Starter House:

My good friend Angie of Simulacrum cut out the windows and replaced them with stained glass:

Tara at Sun a Day made the house bright and cheerful:

While Phil at Micrograves made it Southern Gothic:

Pink Bayou, the creator of The Little Glass Fish, made a house for her fish, Ralph:

The amazing Amy (Amyzing?) of Snow Globe 365 made a snow globe. How cool is that?

Thanks so much, everybody, for playing along. I love the way they all came out. I think that I just might make another collaborative house. And please let me know in the comments section if you have a collaboration that needs participation.


  1. I am loving this!!! I'd love to collaborate somehow, I'm trying to think of a way our projects can merge.Perhaps I can have Annabelle make another house <3

  2. Kelly, I have been thinking of a collaboration for us. I will email you.

  3. Thanks for the "shout out!" It's fun to see how everyone put their own "spin" on it!

  4. this is fantastic.
    i have realized recently my art training has all been in collaborative things-- performing arts, mostly. so doing things solo is new for me. would love to collaborate in the future!

  5. These look great! I ordered a print and hope to get it this week for my project.

  6. These are wonderful and it was so much fun to participate!

  7. Thanks, everyone. I love working with you all. Grow365 - definitely more collaboration!

  8. It's ready, Mady! Thanks again!