Tuesday, January 4, 2011

House No. 4: The Dresden Walls

House No. 4: The Dresden Walls
repurposed paper, foil, and miscellaneous scrap on chipboard
6.5 in. x 6.5 in.
004/365; 01/04/11

Being a human magpie, I collect every shiny thing that I come across. I have organized boxes of paper, candy foils, laminated papers, the interiors of tea bag envelopes ...

For today's house, I thought that I'd break into my collection, which actually includes a few pieces of Dresden foil scrap that I didn't end up using. The metallic paper being an homage to the Dresden handicraft, I decided to make today's home in one of the styles of Saxony.

I find the most unique part of the house's collage, and what makes it look like the houses of that region, is the foiling of the half-timber that ornaments the walls.

Update 04/20/2011: Better photo.
Now with 100% more natural light.

Ahh. So much better.


  1. Thanks, Noah. I think that I may have to reshoot it. I got done way after natural light was available, and I was no match for the metallic reflection of the lights I set up.

  2. It's magical. Love it, but yes, let's see it in natural lighting.

  3. It truly is amazing what you are able to do with that box of scraps you have. I am lucky enough to be able to see this in person so I know the full effect of how amazing it is. ♥

  4. I like the way the light hits it. It looks lit up and festive...like Christmas in the making.