Sunday, January 2, 2011

House No. 2: Home is the thing with feathers

House No. 2: Home is the thing with feathers
feathers on repurposed chip board
4 in. x 6 in. x 4 in.
002/365; 01/02/11

Today's home is inspired by birds (making it a birdhouse?) and titled after Emily Dickinson's poem "Hope" is the Thing with Feathers

While working on this piece today, it kept reminding me of Meret Oppenheim's Object of 1936.

 Now, while I'm a fan of that particular piece, my true Oppenheim love is Glove (for Parkett no. 4) of 1985.

Perhaps Glove will be an inspiration for another day ... hmmm ...


  1. Love today's home! Thanks for sharing Oppenheim's "Glove." I'd never seen it before and it's pretty cool!

  2. Beautiful! But I have to ask, did you wear your Hazmat suit when constructing it?

  3. Thanks everybody!
    Pink: I love me some Oppenheim.
    Punk: It was the feather tree all over again. I need the hazmat!
    Explanation to everyone else: I am severely allergic to feathers.

  4. This one reminded me of the concept of home how we look at it as a place with four walls and a roof, yet the animal kingdom uses many different items in which to construct the places they call home. For instance those evil squirrels will use fur from their own tails to construct their homes.

    Imagine if we used our hair to make our home? Maybe that is an idea for the next time you get your hair cut? You could use your cuttings to make a home. ♥

  5. I still have loads of human hair left over from past projects. It may make an appearance this year. I'm also working with hair in my Metalurgy series. (You can't really see it clearly in this photo, but it is the foundation for the pin nest in the bird cage.)