Wednesday, February 16, 2011

House No. 47: City Living

House No. 47: City Living
collage, ink, and colored pencil on upcycled cardstock
6 in. x 4 in.
047/365; 02/16/11

Yesterday, I received a mail art piece from my friend Mim. I was so excited! I was even more excited when I found out that Mim is also doing an alphabet series for her 365 project and started on nearly the same day that I did. So cool.

I so enjoyed receiving art in the mail. I decided that my house today would be mail art to send back to Mim. Well, I decided to make mail art for Mim, and it took so much time that I had to use it as today's house. I was just so into it.

And I cannot believe that I had not used collage yet for a house. It's one of my favorite things to do.

This card is made from a reused manila folder, a page from a Mexican calendar that I received with an order from Rancho Gordo, and lots of scribbling.

So, I have been detouring a bit from my alphabet, but I will be getting back to it soon. I just have a million ideas, and I cannot seem to stick to just one concept.


  1. Ooooh exciting! Can't wait. it'll get a place on my real wall. Thanks.

  2. Watching your inspiration unfold is such a pleasure. It's the nature of inspiration to inundate you with ideas, and what a wonderful gift it is!

    I've thought about becoming involved in the mail art project, but am still wondering how sane I was at the time I took on this 365 day commitment! So, for now I'll watch and enjoy from the sidelines.

    Lovely cityscape collage, Madonna, and amazing synchronicity with the alphabet projects! :)