Monday, February 14, 2011

House No. 45: Love Shack

House No. 45: Love Shack
unfired (as of yet) glazed porcelain tile
8.5 in. x 11 in.
045/365; 02/14/11

Happy Valentine's Day. My house today has a two-part back story.

Part one: This evening, I took my VSU 2D Design class to Paint and Play to make decorative tiles. They have been working on an exhaustive series of square images on theses that they have chosen for the semester. The tiles are meant to be a decorative study on the same theme that have the added benefit of a process (in this case, the firing) over which they do not have control. Since they have been working in relatively small square format, the tiles will fit in perfectly with the rest of their body of work.

Part two: I am working on a series of tiles for the back splash in our soon-to-be kitchen. Today's house will fit in with the tiles. They do not really have a theme, per say, just things that I like and would want to look at while I spend time in the kitchen.

Here is the first tile that I glazed for the back splash:

before firing

after firing

And guess what ... tonight, when I opened my Valentine's Day present from the werePanda, I found gift tiles to Paint and Play to make five more tiles. Pretty sweet.

So today's little tile house will be a permanent fixture in our house, which is a whole project in itself.


  1. I love them both!!! ♥♥♥

  2. Ooh, these are lovely! I hope you'll show us the house again when it's fired. And what a great way to personalize your home. :)

  3. Beautiful!

    (And now Love Shack is being played on repeat in my head ;) )

  4. Ditto, Heather. I adore this. Add a gnome and you have my heart forever.

  5. I love the acorns. :)