Monday, May 2, 2011

House No. 122: Encaustic Panel House

House No. 122: Encaustic Panel House
encaustic on wood
6 in. x 6 in. x .25 in.
122/365; 05/02/11

For this house, I put the wood right in the oven and let the panel itself get hot before working the wax into it. I would not recommend this. It smelled, burnt a little, and kind of gave me a headache. Still, it looked cool and had a lovely glossy surface.

The wax was absorbed into the wood and smoked a bit, and the colors became very rich and concentrated. The colors also blended well, as you can see in the multiple greens used in the grass and where the door melds into the house color to create the front stoop.

I liked working into the negative space, such as the panes of the windows, as the wood started to cool. I gradually added lighter and lighter blues into the sky to build up the negative space and make it as interesting as the house itself. I love the way the layers create a rich surface.

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