Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Meet the Neighbors, Angie Neimand of Simulacrum

Welcome to this week's edition of Meet the Neighbors that posts Mondays here on The Happy Homemaker. It's a chance to introduce and showcase other 365ers and artists by whom I am inspired and with whom I am collaborating.

This week's neighbor is Angie Neimand of Simulacrum.

Angie is no stranger to homemaking herself, just check out the Christmas presents she made for me this past year:

Two of my favorite things: houses and Amanita muscaria mushrooms!

Here is some work that Angie did in 2010 for our collaborative exhibit, aBout:

Here are some of my favorite Simulacrum projects to date:


  1. Thank you, Madonna! I'm quite humbled to be the first artist to be showcased during Monday Meet the Neighbors. :)

  2. These are wonderful, Angie.

    Thanks for sharing, Madonna!